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Retaining Employees - A Grand Rapids Business Coach's Solution

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

In a survey by Korn Ferry, CEO advisory services president Charles Elson said that the primary reasons employees leave their positions are misunderstood core values, inadequate compensation and misunderstanding of what is expected.

One of the most common things us as humans want is to be heard. Many people would say they have goals but few achieve them. This could be due to a lack of guidance, direction or a motivational push.

Good managers(leaders) know how to make employees feel valued and encourage a sense of camaraderie among the group. This is accomplished by highlighting employee achievements, giving out raises or bonuses, and providing a comfortable (culture) and work environment where errors are not criticized but instead used as learning opportunities.

Even though a lot of employees do leave due to various reasons, keeping good employees will reduce turnover and increase morale. Investing in a business coaching program will create improved work environments and strengthen relationships with individuals.

The coaching program focuses on key company values, including team effort, honesty, respect and transparency. The sessions also address ways to resolve conflict with fellow employees, to give feedback in constructive ways that are appropriate for the person's style, and to manage people who disagree.

Local Grand Rapids Business Coaching

Grand Rapids business coach Mark Drane has key insights into local business needs and CEO success. Grand Rapids has typically had very good work-life balance, and a strong culture of philanthropy and giving back to the community. However, West Michigan businesses have not been immune to the recent spell of high employee turnover and employee dissatisfaction.

"The way to turn this around in West Michigan is to build a solid company culture, starting with mission and vision at the top, and going right on down to the individual team members embracing those values," says Drane. "When the whole staff embraces the mission, they build a cohesive team – (they all get to row in the same direction). That means employees stay on - they are part of something bigger than just themselves."

Healthy businesses should strive to retain employees as much as possible. One way is through leadership initiation and participation in a healthy business culture initiation. Leadership initiations should be carried out with forth speaking and intentionality that leads to open dialogue and a feeling of safety for the whole team. A good business coach can guide that work and ensure its success.

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