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Don’t Let the Great Resignation Make You Call it a Day

Millions of people left their jobs in 2021. This set off a phenomenon in the history of the workplace and set records not seen before.

As a result, the Great Resignation gathered pace and left employers looking for ways to attract and retain their top talent. Many of them remain unclear as to how, and just what it will take.

Today there remains much talk in the business world about why this is happening and how to bridge the gap between what is being offered and what this now mobile workforce is looking for.

To quote an article written by Appspace on improving the employee experience: “Now, more than ever, the focus on company culture, employee engagement, strengthening communication, adapting to remote or hybrid work, and incorporating advanced technology is critical for success”.

No one is currently sure whether this may be long or short term - either way it is generally agreed that workers are shifting to align their work with their values.

What is known is that in September 2021 alone, four million people quit their jobs - levels previously unseen in the workforce - with approximately half the workforce in the US alone saying they’ll be looking for a new job in 2022.

It certainly doesn’t show any signs of slowing up. So what is an employer to do in order to retain their workforce or attract new talent without losing their heads doing it?

According to Appspace again, “Companies that will come out on top are the ones that see employees as investments where individuals values and meaning matter”

Maybe never before has such great importance been placed upon a company’s Core Values, Vision and Mission and how that aligns with the workforce.

Certainly those that have felt that such work is now past it’s sell by date and is out of fashion, need to think again if they wish to succeed in this Great Resignation.

Employees are now looking for authenticity and value meaning and purpose in their work.

Employee experiences and perspectives now shape the workplace terrain more than before - inclusion and diversity are expected.

Ethical business branding and positive impact in the local community and economy can leave employees feeling good about where they work.

Flexible work patterns are an effective option for the future of the workforce.

Businesses will need to provide an understanding of the complexities of relevant learning that aligns with the individual professional and personal goals of the workforce.

Providing suitable opportunities for connecting within the workplace, both on a professional and social level will be paramount for both in-place and off-site/remote workers together.

Clear lines of communication and expectations of communication need to be established together with the relevant technology to back it up.

In conclusion, to succeed, or even thrive in this Great Resignation, businesses will be required to be innovative in their approach to people, processes and technology - this will become the baseline for the modern workforce.


Mark Drane is a certified Business Coach with years of experience working with businesses in West Michigan. His specialty is in the field of setting Vision, Mission, Core Values, Culture and Goals.

Check future dates for his speaking engagements on People, Process and Technology.

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